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Savannah Comedy Fest


National Lampoon Improvised Vacation

January 26, 2018

Friday Night | 8:00 PM

From Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta, GA, comes Improvised Vacation! Using your helpful suggestions, our family of three embarks on the most epic family trip of all time. Lifelong dreams will be realized, taboos will be shattered, ancillary characters created & murdered and someone might lose their virginity, just in time to head back home. Exactly like the family vacations from your youth!

Improv All-Stars with Centralia

January 27, 2018

Saturday Night | 8:00 PM

Centralia are a bold improv group who blow the doors off of what's "legal" in spontaneous performance. From their roots with Chicago's Second City Improv and New York’s legendary Burn Manhattan, Centralia has delighted and stunned audiences around the country for the past 2 decades. Centralia are: Patrick McCartney, Jay Rhoderick, and Kevin Scott.

(it)'s B.I.G. the improv musical!

January 25, 2018

Thursday Night | 8:00 PM

An original improvised musical built right on the spot at every performance! Join Savannah Stage Company's (it) improv troupe as they journey down the unknown road of a full improvised musical! Audiences suggest everything from the genres of musical style to title of the musical. 


January 27, 2018

Saturday Night | 9:30 PM

You’ve seen the flashy suits and jewelry so bright that a blind man can see it shining. Now ask yourself “who is more entertaining than a pimp?” Pimprov revolves around four pimps who took improv classes...on accident. The group's lack of political correctness and outrageous costumes are only part of the reason they're growing in popularity. The other reason is they're really funny.


Pimprov has raised funds for various domestic abuse shelters for the past 10 years.


The Chicago Tribune says “Politically incorrect and funny” 

The Los Angeles Times says “not your traditional improv”

Potty in the USA Comedy Show!

January 26, 2018

Friday Night | 9:30 PM

One thing we all have in common — everybody… loves to potty! Viciously talented Stacia Newcomb (“30Rock”, “Good Night Show”) brings her unique perspective to the stage, playing multiple characters and singing original songs in a variety of genres, all while sporting a poopy updo.  POTTY IN THE USA is raucous, absurd, slightly unhinged and just plain silly. You’ve never been to a potty like this! 

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